Best Acoustic Guitar Brands of 2016, Top 5 of well-known brands

Best acoustic guitar brands in the world until now, what make them become special?

In the last time, I posted top 5 of best guitar brands. Hope you feel useful with it. Now I will continue sharing to you more information about the famous brands of guitar in the world.

The Takamine Guitar

Best Acoustic Guitar Brands Takamine brand

Takamine brand

It’s more than 50 years gone and the Takamine is serving music lovers and guitarists with putting its best efforts. During these fifty years, the Takamine gradually innovated and improved in the field of musical instruments and became the world’s leading guitar manufacturing company. Particularly, the company built its reputation in acoustic guitar production and now stands erect among the best acoustic guitar brands.

A small guitar shop near the Takamine Mount in Sakashita town of Japan in 1959 was starting its journey of manufacturing unparalleled guitars, towards the unlimited heights. Modern Takamine Company was established in the year of 1962 and from that day onward it didn’t look back.

In 1978, the Takamine developed its Palathetic pickup to amplify the acoustic guitar sound and resonance. The next year first acoustic-electric model, the PT-007S launched by the company. In 1986 was the year of generation of Natural series guitars, then EF25 model in 1987. Takamine parametric EQ, the CTP-1 Cool Tube, Tri-ax add-on acoustic guitar pickup, Kenny Chesney model, and Glen Frey being introduced in consecutive years with hottest pickup and preamp combination. Some of the highly recommended products are Takamine pro series models, G series like GD-20 Dreadnought and EF341SC Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric w/Cutaway are little glimpses of mountainous Takamine products.

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Taylor Guitar:

Best Acoustic Guitar Brands Taylor guitar brand

Taylor guitar brand

Founded in 1974, the Taylor Guitars went forward from a miniature project to its existing position of the world’s most victorious and highly appreciated acoustic guitar makers. Taylor Guitars playing a leading role in the acoustic guitar industry, which is continuously upgrading and developing in the field of acoustic and other branches of guitars. The company productions cover a full range of price from low to mid to high and suits best to every individual’s needs. The main product, which earned a reputation for the company worldwide, is Baby Taylor. This version attained the record sell and became the best seller. Other than Baby Taylor, some limited editions launched with the intervals of time just as the Liberty Tree of 2002, and being welcomed by the lovers of music and art.

In the first place, the company produced bolt-on and with low profile neck guitars and built a repo. These early productions were welcomed warmly by the people of art, and then the company started to manufacture high-quality acoustic guitars that were used by the famous guitar players all around the world. Baby Taylor was introduced first time in 1996 with ¾ size, which was an ideal volume for travelers. Some other well-known products in acoustic region are NT Nek 1999, 110 Dreadnought, 114 Grand Auditorium, DN8 Dreadnought from a long list of great acoustic series.

Sigma Guitars:

Best Acoustic Guitar Brands Sigma Guitars

Sigma Guitar Brand

Nearly 50 years ago between the 1960 and 70s the US guitar manufacturers were facing a crucial time because of Japanese made guitars that were identical looking to the US made but very low in price. US guitar manufacturers were sinking under the load of Japanese models. At last in 1970, Sigma guitar company being established and started its production especially acoustic range. The company soon built an outstanding repo and constructed the best quality and playability, and made a name as the best acoustic guitar brand.

Now the company built a respect all along the globe and continuously improving the quality and playability of its products. Some of its best acoustic guitars have earned a marvelous success in the market and brought the company so high that the company looks proudly towards its lovers. Sigma SD28 Acoustic Guitar, Sigma C. F. Martin & Co. DM2 Guitar, Sigma SF-28 OM/Folk Size Acoustic Solid Spruce Top Rosewood Back & Sides, Vintage Sigma Guitar DR 28 by Martin is just a tip of this magnificent iceberg. However, in 2007 C.F. Martin & Co ceased the Sigma line and the company was being sold to a German musical company, AMI Musical Instruments GmbH. This German company re-established this brand in China.

Godin Guitars:

Best Acoustic Guitar Brands Godin Guitars

Godin Guitar Brand

Godin guitars started as a diminutive lutherie in La Patrie, Quebec, Canada, in 1972, and now became one of the leading guitar making company all along the North American region. Godin name is the guarantee of quality. This is a huge corporation and 7 top-notch guitar manufacturing companies, Seagull, Simon & Patrick, Art & Lutherie, Norman, La Patrie, Richmond, and Godin Guitars work under the umbrella of this immense corporation. Most of the products are handcrafted and produce high-quality guitars. The Godin’s produce more than 175000 guitars in a year, ranging in different price tags.

Nowadays, Godin is the best acoustic guitar manufacturer worldwide and providing a full range of electric, acoustic, and bass guitars, especially the acoustic guitar. Godin Multiac Spectrum Steel SA Acoustic Guitar, NEW 2015 Godin Multiac Nylon Duet Ambiance, Godin Acousticaster 40th Anniversary Koa Acoustic, and Godin A6 Ultra HG Semi-Acoustic Electric Guitar Black are the few examples of this extraordinary and super-class guitar maker corporation. The company has a great repo particularly in North American region and, of course, leads the world of music with pride.

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Washburn Guitars:

Best Acoustic Guitar Brands washburn guitars

washburn guitar brand

Washburn Guitars is an American guitar maker, which was founded in 1883 in Chicago. The company produces different guitars but specialized in making acoustic guitars. With having a long history of manufacturing quality products, the Washburn put itself among the best acoustic guitar brands. Washburn first time introduced a well-known Lakeside Jumbo acoustic dreadnought guitar, LSJ749, which is now available as a remake of that big sized guitar. During the decade of 1980s, Washburn launched the Festival series of acoustic guitars. This version was a bit thinner than the custom acoustic guitars to diminish the vulnerability to feedback.

As the company spent over a century in the field of creating variety of guitars, it has a well-off history of crafting the best acoustic guitars and most of the professional from all around the world like these products due to the make and quality of the guitars. The main focus of the Washburn is to provide outstanding dreadnought guitars like the WD100DL Mahogany Acoustic guitars that suit best to the professionals, as well as the beginners. Washburn always constructed the best acoustic guitars and there is a long list of its supreme offers, for example, Washburn R314KK Parlor, Washburn WD10 – Apprentice Acoustic Dreadnought, Washburn D10 S Acoustic Guitar w/ OHSC.

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