The Washburn WD10S, one of great Acoustic guitar

Washburn WD10 Series WD10S Acoustic Guitar
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It's exceptional with the build real quality of this instrument. Look at the wood of it, the wood choice to the detailing is very well done. Solid Sitka Spruce Top. Exclusive Wood Rosette. 1/4" scalloped sitka spruce bracing

With price around $$, it will not often for you when you can find the acoustic guitar which has the great sound. Normally, you will pay more to get it. Or you have to choose another way, like choose one of no-name brands and low quality models. After a few time using it, you will realize that it’s not good value with your money and start again to find another one.

Fortunately, there are aslo a handful of famous manufacturers that they made and are making  some great beginner acoustic guitar. That’s perfect for your budget to pickup and own the great sound from your guitar which you bought.

One of those brands which I mentioned is the historical company Washburn.

Washburn company has been making guitar from 1883 as one of division of stringed instrument maker Lyon & Healy. Since their inception which they have developed quite a reputation throughout the century and as you will know that it maintained a solid commitment to building high quality instruments that excel in playability and tone.

You will also know that, a lot of professional artists of guitar, they turn to use Washburn guitars as a primary instrument. Players will like Nuno Bettencourt, the late Dimebag Darrell, and film composer and former guitarist for the band.

So, let have a look of Washburn WD10S Acoustic, and see what make it become special sound.

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Overview look of the Washburn WD10S Acoustic:

First of all, It’s exceptional with the build real quality of this instrument. Look at the wood of it, the wood choice to the detailing is very well done. Everything about it from top (solid sitka spruce), to back side (mahogany) and neck (rosewood) is perfect.

From the solid dreadnought design and atural finish, it make you feel elemental in a good acoustic guitar. That’s one of special thing of it. If you have a comparasion to other quality one of well-known brands, you will have the same feelings which you never found in the low quality guitar.

Right out of the box of the WD10S comes setup with nice low action and very great tone. It doesn’t have rattles and also strange vibrations like most of guitars in this price range will have. The guitar also does a wonderful job when it’s holding some very good sustain.

Now, come to the sound of it. By from D’Addario strings which gives WD10S a vibrant and give you a surprising loud sound. That’s speciality of sound come from. You will realize you will be happy with the fact that it doesn’t easily fall out of tune like most of the lower-end guitars are notorious for doing.

Another special thing I very like this guitar is that WD10S has a comfortable neck profile and become very easy to play for you and also beginners.  No sharp or rough frets to avoid; a nod to the 52-check point inspection of Washburn’s commitment to quality.

How about the price of WD10S

With price is less than $$$, Washburn WD10S would be good one for you to pickup. Washburn  brand has a well reputation for craftsmanship and has done a fine job creating something in the entry level market.

If you have a small budget, let check out other post for more food recommendation of best beginner acoustic guitar. Hope this is useful for you to find the best one.

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