Taylor Guitar


Taylor guitars are a renowned American guitar manufacturer, which has been offering its incredible services to the music industry since 1974. Rather than talking about the stupendous success of the company, we should have a look at the report card of the guitars manufactured by the company, which will clearly describe the reason behind the company’s success.

Top 5 Taylor Guitars

Reviews (15/20)

A musician will think a rating of 15/20 is not good enough to buy a guitar from this brand. However, the reason behind a low rating in the review category is not related to the design or performance of the guitar models, but is related with the price factor. It is clear, that more you pay the better service you get. Similar is the case with this brand as you have to spend a little more to get your hands on the world’s best guitar models.


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Woods (17/20)

A rating of 17/20s in the woods category is definitely much higher than the rating of the other top brands in this category. The company uses Maple, Rosewood and other superior quality of wood for designing the top surface, back and the sides of the guitar. Because of the use of superior quality woods, guitars from this brand are capable of producing bright tones.

Neck (12/15)

Taylor guitars are available in different sizes and necks. However, the main purpose of the company is to provide straight neck to all the models in order to make sure no bump is caused at 14 frets. This purpose has helped the company to remove the major drawback in the design of acoustic guitars and gained a rating of 12/15.


Body (13/15)

Body of the guitar is majorly responsible for the looks as well as the performance. If a brand fails to collect top ratings in this segment, then it’s quite obvious that the brand might not be able to meet the musician’s expectations. However, this is not the case with Taylor as the company has collected a top rating of 13/15 in this segment.

Resonator (7/10)

Taylor_GuitarsDo you know what role does a resonator play in a guitar? No, well a resonator is responsible for producing different sound wave frequencies. A poor rated resonator will not allow the guitarist to bring a lot of variations in the sound tones. However, the company uses a top quality resonator in all the models, because of which the company has gained a rating of 7/10, which is considered as one of the best ratings in this category.

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