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Ibanez is renowned name in the music industry. For the past 30 years or more, the company has been offering valuable services to the industry and has provided the industry with some excellent models, which has fulfilled the demands of musicians from all over the world. To know about the quality and performance of Ibanez guitars, let’s have a look at their report card.


Top 5 Ibanez Guitars

Reviews (11/20)

If you prefer to consider the company’s review before finding a product, then you might not prefer to buy a guitar from Ibanez. However, if you look in depth, then you will find out that the company has got a tremendous customer rating in most of the categories except few, which have massively affected the company’s overall rating. So, check out the model’s rating rather than the company’s overall rating as it will change the scenario completely.

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Woods (14/20)

If you thoroughly check out the guitar ratings manufactured by the company, then you will figure out that the company has got a high rating in the ‘woods’ category. Selection of wood material plays a vital role in the performance of the guitar and since, the company has received a high rating of 14/20 in this category, you can easily expect an outstanding performance from Ibanez guitar models.


Neck (10/15)

The company is known for manufacturing economical models that offers the best performance. Even, if you look at the lowest Ibanez series, then you will find most of the modes use Mahogany, Basswood or Agathis material being used for manufacturing the neck of the guitar. Mahogany or Basswood neck is being found in top models, but the company is providing you the same quality in the basic guitar series because of which the company has a rating of 10/15 in this category.

Body (8/15)

Most of the basic guitar models from the company do not come with modern designs, which have affected the company’s rating in the ‘body’ category. However, if you look at the advanced series from Ibanez, then you will definitely see a lot of difference in the shape, design and colour finish. Overall, the company has got a rating of 8/15 in this category, which is neither good nor bad.

Resonator (4/10)

ibz01_112710bExcept one or two top rated guitar brands, no other brand has been able to achieve the best rating in this category. Ibanez has been manufacturing guitar for more than 30 years, but has still failed to achieve the best resonator rating because it is difficult for the company to provide to use the best resonator available in the industry in its economical guitar series. However, the company does provide top quality resonator in the advanced guitar series.