Fender Guitar


Fender is a popular guitar brand, which has provided some amazing acoustic guitars to the music industry. Guitars from this brand are being used by the musicians for playing soft as well as rock music. Before discussing about the top models from this brand, let’s have a look at the report card of Fender guitars.

Top 5 Fender Guitars


Reviews (18/20)

Since 1946 the company has been offering its services and still has not got a major negative response for any model. Before releasing a guitar, the company make sure it is the best in terms of performance and looks, which is the only reason behind a rating of 18 out of 20. With such high rating, you can easily trust the brand to make a valuable purchase.

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Woods (18/20)

Fender is known for using top quality of wood for guitars. Most of the guitars from Fender use Alder, Ebony, Rosewood and other top rated woods for guitar. Since, major features of an acoustic as well as electric guitars are made up of wood, Fender offers a Complete F100 Acoustic Guitar Package and also makes sure a musician get the best quality in wood so that he doesn’t have to compromise with the playing process.


Neck (15/15)

The company prefers to uses Rosewood or Ebony wood in the neck of the guitar as these two tones are considered the best options for neck and fingerboard. Since, the neck of the guitar uses these two quality types of wood, the overall tone of the guitar is being enhanced as it brings a bright sound.Because of this reason the neck of the guitar from this brand has got a perfect rating of 15/15.

Body (14/15)

The body of the guitar is responsible for the overall performance of the guitar as it majorly affects the sound, weight, looks and other features, thus making it an important factor for a guitar. The body of Fender guitars has got a rating of 14/15, which lay down the base of a rock performance. All these useful points make Fender Squier SA-100 Acoustic Guitar the Beginner’s Choice.

Resonator (10/10)

Fender-FA-100-625x356A resonator is a device commonly used in musical instruments for generating frequency waves. In short, a resonator is majorly responsible for the sound created by the guitar. Fender uses the best resonator available in the industry, which has helped the company to get the perfect rating in this category. With the use of acoustic resonators, the musicians can easily create sounds of different tones.

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