Epiphone: Best and Worst Guitar Brands 2016


Does Epiphone make good Guitars? See Epiphone’s brand ranking and where Epiphone placed in bestbeginnerguitartoday.com’s Best and Worst Guitar Brands of 2016.

Top 5 Epiphone Guitars

Epiphone is one of the leading guitar manufacturing brands in the world. Unique designs and quality products have led the company to rule the music industry. The company was founded in 1873 and since then it is offering its valuable services to the music industry. From the days of making mandolins to electric guitars, the company has never failed to deliver top quality products and because of this reason Epiphone is the most respected brand among all the musicians.

Each and every model released by the company is different from the other and is meant to be played for a specific purpose. Let’s have a look at the Epiphone guitars report card, which will help you to know more about the company products:


Reviews (19/20)

Review of the products clearly describes its worth. Company’s acoustic guitars as well as the electric guitars are quite liked by the musicians because of high sound quality and innovative designs. Company’s hard work has paid off as all the models released by the company have got a customer rating of 4.5 or more. Among all the products, the Epiphone EJ 200CE have achieved 4.6 star rating out of 5, and it’s truly represents this brand’s position.

Woods (19/20)

Epiphone doesn’t compromise with the quality of the wood used in guitars and this is also a major reason behind its mammoth popularity among the music lovers. The company uses different types of woods for different models. Some of the common type of woods used is Alder, Rosewood and Maple. Because of the top quality of wood used, the performance level is also raised as the wood directly affects the guitar sound and tone.

Neck (15/15)

Different Epiphone guitars come with different neck such as Maple, Rosewood and many more. The best part about the guitars released by the company is that the neck includes a nut at the top to make sure the guitar strings sit in. Epiphone DR-100 Acoustic Guitar is one such amazing guitar which is made from the finest material available in the market. The nut is either made up of bone or ivory, which has helped the company to receive a rating of 15/15 in the neck category.

Body (15/15)



Guitar body is basically a piece of wood, which comprises of guitar components. If the body of the guitar is not up to the mark, then the whole performance of the music instrument will go down. Since, Epiphone guitars are made up of superior quality of wood and quality components, you will never be disappointed with the guitar performance.

Resonator (8/10)

A resonator is used for producing different sound waves and that too of different tones. Some manufacturers use basic resonator that produces the sound directly, but Epiphone guitar models use advanced resonator, which enhances the particular frequencies and allow the musicians to play different top quality tones.

Model (10/10)

Epiphone has a wide range of guitars. If you start exploring the model collection, then you can easily find the best model in each category. From basic acoustic models to advanced electric guitars, Epiphone has different models, which allows the musicians to find the best guitar according to their playing style.

Top (5/5)

If we talk about the top surface of the Epiphone guitars, then you will not find any model better than it. The top surface of all the models released by the company ensures musician satisfaction because of the top quality wood used, plain surface and waxed ends, which makes sure the user can play guitar for a long period and that too without any discomfort.

Frets (5/5)

Different models are constructed with different number of frets, which helps the musicians in selecting the model with appropriate number of frets. If we talk about the Epiphone basic acoustic guitar collection, then most of the models are constructed with 19 frets. If we move ahead and take a look at the Les Paul series, then you will find out that the models are constructed with 21 or more frets for rock.

Final Word

The guitars mentioned above are the best models currently available and now, it’s up to you to make the best decision. According to the needs and budget of the player, Epiphone has come up with different models that are different from basic acoustic/electric guitars.

If you are looking to buy an acoustic or electric guitar, then some of the important factors which must be taken into consideration are price, colour, design, size, body and tuner. Epiphone guitars are best in all these factors and because of this reason only the company is helping the musicians to grab the best model and fulfil all their demands.