About Me

about-image2Hi! I am Ivo Peshev since I entered my teenage life, I realized I have a craze or lets put it in positive way ‘passion’ for music. I never restricted myself when it comes to a particular genre, as I feel each and every genre has its own characteristics and attraction for its listeners. Very soon, I realized that music is something that should not only be heard but also be played and practiced to acquire a deeper understanding along with its essence over time. Moreover, that was the time when I felt the dire need for buying a guitar that I could own and learn to play in my leisure time. However, suddenly a question stroke my mind, as from where should I buy and whom should I consult in this regard. The ambiguities continued to exist, since none in my social circle hold any interest in music or musical instruments.

Finally, I decided to explore market myself by visiting guitar shops personally to acquire first-hand knowledge about the offered products. This activity took almost a month and left me only frustrated by the end of time since I found not a single shop where I could find guitar of my own choice.

Majority of the shop owners were only willing to sell their product without providing any consultancy, product knowledge or recommendations. So finally, I realized that visiting shops is futile. Obviously, how a naïve person like me can buy a professional guitar or some guitar brand designed for beginners? The question remained the same as how to get the best beginners’ guitar in the most reasonable price possible and that too also being quality oriented.


All my efforts taught me a lesson that amateurs and naïve buyers must have a platform where they can visit, share their concerns, interact and finally make the best buying decision. Although, I had searched for online forums and websites that could be of any help but very soon I realized that this niche market segment was needed to be tapped and capitalized.

That was the time; I suddenly got an idea to launch a website that would deal with this niche of guiding beginners about guitar brands by displaying list of products that would not only be reliable but also helpful for amateurs. Very soon, I started to invite sellers and vendors to give briefing on their brands by providing a detailed justification, as why their product is one of the best choices amongst all.

As soon as my idea became popular among sellers, some famous professional guitarists also contacted me and promised to help me in this endeavor. With the professional help being extended, I felt confident and soon launched my website http://bestbeginnerguitartoday.com that is readily available at your disposal and acts as a beginner’s guide for people who owns the passion of music and really wants to learn guitar, which is only possible after buying the best one from the market.

How do I manage to prevent my readers from making a bad purchase decision?

My primary mission is to establish a single platform, something similar to ‘one-stop shop’ where consumers can visit and make the best purchase decision possible. It was never possible without the help of professionals and industry experts, so I always welcomed their opinions and expertise to make my mission possible. Now I receive feedback from many of my readers about how our reliable reviews and informative articles kept them from making a bad purchasing decision. I feel really amazing!

My readers often ask me as what else I like to do besides playing guitar and my answer is simply that I like to take a stroll along the countryside, I love nature and it provides me an inspiration for art and music. It makes me feel deeply connected with music, so yes, even when I am not playing guitar, I am indirectly following my passion of listening music while exploring nature.