What is The Best Brand of Guitar ?

Best Guitar Brands
Which guitar brand you should choose? It is one of the common questions which arise in every music lover’s mind. A basic answer to this is to find a guitar, which fulfills all your demands and that too within your budget. However, for an appropriate solution, a user should check out all the features in a guitar before finalizing any model.

Best Guitar For Beginners 2016

There are several guitar brands available in the industry, which offers one of the best guitars in the world. With so many renowned brands available, it becomes tough for the user to choose the best one. So, let’s have a look at the top guitar brands, which rule the 2016 music industry:

1st Place: Epiphone

  • Epiphone used to be a fierce competitor for Gibson but is now being owned by Gibson.  Owning an Epiphone guitar is like a a dream come true for a guitarist. All the models from this brand are limited edition.
  • The company designs acoustic as well as electric guitars, and most of their models follow the Gibson designs. Epiphone is the only company in the world, which can use Gibson specs. Les Pauls, Flying VS are some of the few models, which are majorly made up of Gibson components.
  • The brands manufactured by this company are ideal for beginners as well as the professional players. If we talk about the beginners, then Les Paul 100 and Les Paul Special II are the best guitars for them.
  • These guitars sound like Gibson but are available at a very reasonable price. For professional or severe players, Les Paul Plus Top PRO or Les Paul Custom PRO is the perfect option. These two models offer the best quality along with numerous features.

There is no doubt in the fact that Epiphone guitars are the best option for the beginners as well as professional players. This is the only reason, which makes this company to grab the first spot in the guitar rankings.

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2nd Place: Fender

  • Fender is one of the oldest guitar brands in the music industry. Many musical legends have used the Fender guitars and achieved grand success. Stratocaster and Telecaster models are one of the best guitars manufactured by the company.
  • Fender has a wide variety of guitar patterns. An extensive collection of guitars makes it easy for you to find the perfect model, you were looking for. “Made in Mexico,” series is ideal for beginners as well as the professionals.
  • All the models under this series are made up of imported wood. Use of imported wood enhances the overall sound quality of the guitar. The best part about this set is that it is available at a very reasonable price.

Fender is one of the most lovable brands among the music lovers. This brand is not at all expensive like other top brands. This reason has helped the company to have the upper hand on all the other leading manufacturers.

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3rd Place: Yamaha

  • Yamaha is a renowned name in the music industry.It is known for designing organs, bass guitars, electric guitars and other musical instruments. Yamaha acoustic guitars are great regarding looks and performance.
  • Beginners, as well as intermediate players, can easily find some amazing guitar models in the Yamaha guitar line up. Yamaha FG700 is highly appreciated all over the world because of numerous reasons. Exquisite sound capabilities and easy to play are the primary reasons behind its increasing popularity.
  • Let’s talk about the L series, which is ideal for experienced players. This set offers some incredible wood designs along with a powerful sound performance. An experienced player requires these two essential features in his guitar. Therefore, this model is the best choice for an experienced musician.

Yamaha has some of the best models in each segment. It has helped the company to receive a tremendous applause from all over the world. For the past ten years, the company has shown a lot of improvement. As a result, Yamaha is now the third best guitar company in the world.

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4th Place: Taylor

  • Taylor is an American guitar company, which manufactures high-level acoustic guitars. The company also makes electric guitars, but have not received as much appreciation as acoustic guitars.
  • Taylor 200 series is one of the best series launched by the enterprise. All the models under this series offer a big sound at a very reasonable cost. The 200 series models are smaller in size, but it doesn’t affect its popularity. Excellent tone quality and portability are the only reasons behind the love for Taylor 200 series.

Taylor guitars are a great option for beginners as well as intermediate players. A veteran music lover will love to own a Taylor acoustic guitar. Although the guitars released by the company are cheap, they are totally worth every single penny.

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5th Place: Martin

  • Martin is also an American guitar company, which designs top quality acoustic guitars. The company’s primary objective is to enhance the looks and the sound of an acoustic guitar.
  • Martin guitars are quite innovative as they have a different look for most of their acoustic guitar models. Martin guitars fulfill the wishes of a music player who loves to play an acoustic guitar with a feeling of an electric guitar.
  • Some fantastic models from the company are D-28 and D-25, which are considered as cool guitars for the youth. The best part about the Martin guitars is that they are not at all expensive. Guitars from the company easily fit in every music lover’s budget.

Martin is the first company in the industry, which has taken the intuitive to protect the forests. The company uses tone woods where ever possible, which results in saving wood.

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6th Place: Jackson

  • Jackson is one of the few brands, which is popular among the metal players. In 1980’s, every metal player was holding a Jackson guitar in his hands. The tradition is still followed today. Metal players still prefer to use Jackson guitars rather than using another guitar available in the industry.
  • King V, Dinky, and Soloist are the top rated model guitars from this brand. These models offer great performance and sound. Because of these reasons, metal players all over the world use these models. Solid looks and powerful sound performance made these guitars perfect for the metal players.

Jackson also has a vast collection of guitars. Guitarist of any level can easily find out the best Jackson guitar, which fulfills all his demands in his budget. Since Jackson is one the top brands among the metal players; Jackson is one of the top 10 brands currently available in the industry.

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7th Place: Gibson

  • If you ever talk about the best brands that existed on this planet, then you will come to know about Gibson. Gibson is one of the oldest brands and has ruled the music industry for years.
  • Gibson uses a high-quality wood in their guitar, which is responsible for making the tone very productive. Gibson’s guitars come in different variations, which allow the music players to pick the best one which suits their style. Some of the famous electric guitars released by the company are SG, ES-335.
  • Apart from these traditional models, most of the Gibson guitars are now available in Epiphone copies. The guitars manufactured by the company have high craftsmanship and will please the music player with its stunning performance.

Gibson is one of the costliest brands in the industry, which might be a serious problem for some music players. However, if you wish to get the best sound from an electric guitar, then Gibson is the perfect option for you.

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8th Place: Rickenbacker

  • Rickenbacker is famously known for its bass guitar series but is also a renowned manufacturer of acoustic and electric guitars as well. The guitars released by the company are quite different from other brands regarding look as the company prefers the classic look over the modern look.
  • Since 1930’s Rickenbacker has been offering its incredible services to the music industry. Several models released by the company are being etched in the history, which clearly describes the performance of the guitars manufactured by the company.

Rickenbacker guitars are perfect for the users who love vintage style. You can easily find out the best vintage guitars in the Rickenbacker guitar collection and that too at a very reasonable price.

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Final word

These are the major eight brands in the 2016 market. All these brands designed different models with different sound capabilities, which allow the musical players to pick the best guitar according to their style.

So, if you are planning to buy a guitar with vintage look and style, then you should prefer Epiphone, Rickenbacker, Martin and Taylor brand. For electric guitars Gibson, Yamaha, and Fender are the best brands. Last but not the least; Jackson is the perfect brand for the metal players without any doubt.