The Taste of Country: Epiphone EJ 200CE review

Epiphone AJ-220SCE Solid Top Cutaway Acoustic Guitar
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Review Summary:

Epiphone EJ 200CE has a jumbo body constructed out of maple and has a spruce top. A cutaway allows you to access higher registry with ease. Maple body. Select Spruce top. 25.5 scale.

Sound and charm, complemented with affordability has enabled Epiphone EJ 200CE acoustic-electric guitar to reach straight to the heart of people, music lovers and guitarists.

Its distinctive ornaments set it apart from the others that tend to catch your eye more than any other would. But it doesn’t stop there, once you are done marveling its beauty you realize it has much more to offer at a very wallet-friendly price.

It is structured using very solid and reliable inner components. And the fact that it is acoustic as well as electric, it naturally has an edge over the others.

Features of Epiphone EJ 200CE

Epiphone EJ 200CE has a jumbo body constructed out of maple and has a spruce top. A cutaway allows you to access higher registry with ease.

The scale length is 25.5 inches long. The maple neck, comfortable and easy to play, merges into body on the 14th fret. Its fingerboard is made out of rosewood and has vintage-style pearloid crown inlays along with a 1.68 inch nut. It also features a set of die-cast tuners.

Meanwhile in the electric section, it features Epiphone eSonic2 pre-amp system and an onboard turner that helps you keep the top six strings in shape. But what really gives it an edge over the others is the Shadow’s proprietary Nano Flex. It is equipment that picks up vibration just as finely from a top and body as it does from the strings.

All these components come together to perform marvelous performance.

New Touch to the Iconic Sound

Epiphone EJ 200CE adds yet a new flavor to company’s long kept tradition of tasty sounds. The appearance suggests that this buddy here is a full country boy, whoever other genres can also be played on it.

The resonance from the jumbo body, the strong and lucid sound notes along with a punch from the middle section and complemented by just the right amount of low-end roar coming together to create a mind blowing sonic output for the end performance.

Of course it is the sonic force of the legendary six-string Gibson J-200 (brandished by renowned names such as Bob Dylan, Buddy Holly, etc.) that we have had in mind.

Catchy Appearance

When it comes to appearance, Epiphone EJ 200 definitely stands out. Its Mustache Bridge and ornamented pickup guard set it apart from the others.

It is available in:

  • Black
  • Natural
  • Vintage Sunburst

The Oh-My-God Price tag!

It’s no secret that we all want awesome deals that take less input than they give. And when you find that one desirable deal, you are beside yourself,

When you study all the amazing features of Epiphone EJ 200, you realize the price tag is a smiling pill.

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Pros and Cons

  • The good thing is, you can find it in a very affordable price. You find the right deal and you hit the jackpot.
  • The sound is warm and pleasing. That makes it simply a great guitar.
  • The looks where appeal the country folks might not be so appreciated by the others.

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In a Nutshell

So in conclusion, Epiphone EJ 200CE is an outstanding guitar for country folks. Keep your eyes opened for the right deal.

Affordable price, Brilliant looks and high-quality sound, what more is there to ask for?

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