Martin Guitar


Martin guitars are also among the race of the top models in the industry and are giving a tough competition to other renowned brands. The report card of the guitars from this brand mentioned below, which help you to know about the reason behind the popularity of Martin guitars among the guitarists from all over the world.

Top 5 Martin Guitars

People usually get confused between the two popular guitar brands Martin and Taylor as both the brands are quite similar in terms of quality, design and looks. If we talk about the other factors such as price, collection, then also the two brands share a lot of similarities between them. So, do not get confused between the two brands, as we have come up the top 5 guitars from Martin.

Reviews (12/20)

Most of the guitarists consider the guitar reviews before making a purchase. Earlier, the company was not able to gain a high customer rating because of the standard looks, but now the company has completely changed the scenario by collecting more than 4.6 customer ratings for most of the models currently released.


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Woods (13/20)

The top models from this brand has got a perfect rating of 20/20 in the woods category, but the standard collection from this brand still lacks in achieving a perfect rating in the woods category, which is the major reason behind the average rating of 13/20 of Martin guitars in the woods category. The company is working on this major drawback and as a result has started enhancing the quality of wood material used in a basic guitar collection.

Neck (10/15)

Stratabond neck is being used in most of the top rated guitars from this brand, which has helped the company to achieve a high customer rating of 10/15 in the neck category. Even in the basic collection, you find most of the models using Rosewood neck, which is also considered as one of the finest neck materials for guitars.


Body (12/15)

Martin has released some innovative and uniquely designed guitars over the past few years, which has raised the stands of the guitar looks. GPCPA5K, Martin D 28 are some of the few models manufactured by the company that comes with superior quality top, back and side material along with perfect finish. With the use of the finest materials, the company has been able to achieve a rating of 12/15 in the body category.

Resonator (10/10)

martin-guitars1If we talk about the other top brands in the industry, then no brand is even close to the Martin in terms of resonator rankings. Other brands have got the highest rating of 7/10 in the resonator category, wherever Martin has got a rating of 10/10 in the same category. Since, the top quality resonator is being used in the guitars manufactured by Martin, guitarist can improve his fingerpicking skills.