Jackson Guitar



You can easily find some top brands in the music industry, which has a great collection of acoustic and electric guitars. Metal players will want a guitar to offer more than the standard guitar services, which most of the brands failed to provide. Jackson is the only renowned brand in the music industry, which is quite popular among the music players because of the splendid sound performance.

Top 5 Jackson Guitar

If we talk about 1990’s, then all the metal players were holding the Jackson guitars in their hand and the trend still goes on as no other manufacturer has been able to compete with Jackson guitar models in terms of unique looks and powerful sound capability. Let’s have a look at the report card of the guitars from this brand, which will give us a clear idea about ‘how good Jackson guitars are?


Reviews (12/20)

Metal players will not find a better brand than Jackson to fulfil their demands, but other music players might not find this brand as good as other renowned brands in the industry. The company has been continuously working on this issue and as a result has released some new models, which is giving a tough competition to other brands in the basic guitars category. Overall, the company has a rating of 12/20, which will be improve a lot after the new releases from the company.

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Woods (14/20)

Like other renowned brands, Jackson also hates to compromise with the quality of wood used in guitars. Rosewood, maple is some of the top quality woods and is being used in most of the models manufactured by the company. Use of top quality wood has helped the company to achieve a rating of 14/20 in this category.


Neck (13/15)

In this category Jackson overpowers the other brands. Jackson compound neck allows the guitarists to play loud and fast and that too without increasing the chances of fret out. So, in terms of ‘neck’ category, you will not find better brand than Jackson as you can get the most out of a guitar and that too without causing any damage.

Body (15/15)

There are only limited manufacturers in the industry, which has got a rating of 15/15 in the body category. Most of the top rated guitars from Jackson come with a Basswood body, which is considered as the best material for the guitars because it provides better stability and strength, which enhances the overall performance of the guitar.

Resonator (7/10)

Screenshot_2A rating of 7/10 in the ‘resonator’ category is quite good. Jackson guitars come with a superior quality resonator, which allows the music players to bring different variations in the sound waves.

Different variations will help the guitarist to provide new and unique sound tones, which will please the audience.