How to Play a Song on the Piano Perfectly

Have you ever dreamed of playing your favorite song on the piano perfectly? Well, you can make your dream come true one day, but you have to keep in mind that it takes time. Learning how to play a song on the piano beautifully will require some or more of your time, depending on the type of music piece that you wish to master. For beginner piano learners, there are simple songs that are easy to learn such as those with very few notes or the ones which have very simple arrangements. On the other hand, for advanced piano learners, there are difficult music pieces that contain a lot of notes or the ones which have very complicated arrangements. Whether you are a beginner piano student or an advanced piano student, you need to learn how to play a certain song before you can play it on the piano perfectly. Below is a step-by-step guide that will help you master your favorite song.

Think about your music piece.

At first, you have to decide on the music piece that you want to play. Be sure to select a music piece that is recommended for your level. You will only get frustrated when you choose a song that is too difficult for your level. That is why make sure that you select a song that is equal to your level. Try to choose something that you really like. That way you will get more motivated to practice your song and master it eventually.

Familiarize yourself with the song.

Before you try to play a song on the piano, it is a very good idea to listen to an actual song that is being played by a professional pianist. You can watch some YouTube videos or listen to a recording. Try to listen to the song from beginning to end. Take note of the rhythm of the music. Be sure to check whether the song is played fast or slow or a combination of both. Observe how the music is being played or sung. Be very keen on the decrease and increase of the loudness in the music since they are related to the crescendo and diminuendo in your music piece.

Read the notes.

If you are good at playing by ear, you do not need to read the notes. However, if you rely solely on a music sheet to be able to play a song, then you have to learn to master how to read the notes perfectly as this will be very helpful for you in the long run. The song that you are going to play consists of notes that you must learn to read well so that you can learn how to play the piano well too. When you practice reading the notes, take note of the time signature, the key signature, the tempo and the directions used in the composition to name a few. If you really want to play well, you must observe those things. When you read the notes, don’t get too excited to read them fast at first. Try to read them at a slow pace until you can read them continuously without making a mistake.

Practice playing one phrase at a time.

Practice playing your song on the piano at a slow tempo. Regardless of your grade or level in piano, you must practice playing your music piece at a slow tempo most of the time. This will make your playing clear and precise. Start playing a few notes at a time with proper phrasing until you master all the phrases of the music. Pay special attention to the rhythm of the music. You must follow what is required in the song that you choose such as whether it should be played in a staccato style or a legato style, whether its tempo is allegretto or allegro, or whether you should observe the 3/4 time signature or the 6/8 time signature.

Play the piano on a regular basis.

If you want to master a certain music piece on the piano, you have to practice regularly. Don’t get too ambitious thinking that you can play the song perfectly in one sitting. You need to set a special time for piano practice. It could be after work, after school, before dinner or after dinner. It does not really matter when you plan to practice the piano as long as you allocate some time for it every day or every other day. You can practice for 30 minutes, 1 hour or even longer than that, depending on your spare time. Use the music sheet while you play. Concentrate on the music that you are playing as much as possible. Ignore the distractions as you play. After hours and days of practicing, you will then be able to play your favorite song on the piano perfectly without looking at the music sheet.

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