How to Get the Perfect Left-Handed Guitar for You

Although it is possible for left-handed people to play a right-handed guitar, not all left-handed players find it comfortable to use a right-handed guitar. The left-handed players find it difficult to strum the guitar with the use of their non-dominant right hand considering the fact that the act of strumming the instrument requires dexterity and more strength. That only explains that a left-handed player ought to play a left-handed guitar so that he can strum the guitar with the use of his dominant and more coordinated left hand. If you are one of the left-handed players who find it difficult to play a right-handed guitar, it is best to invest in a quality left-handed guitar that is specifically made for left-handed guitarists.



The left-handed guitar is not so common to find since it is a specialty instrument unlike the right-handed guitar. That is why it is a good idea to search for the ideal left-handed guitar for you very carefully by considering the important things below.

Decide on the type of guitar that you want to use.

You have to decide whether you would play an acoustic instrument or an electric instrument. A left-handed acoustic guitar has some limitations, whereas a left-handed electric guitar has the ability to function like other guitars. If you choose an acoustic guitar, you may either go for a classic guitar that is great for almost any type of music or a steel string guitar that is perfect for country or bluegrass tunes. If you prefer an electric guitar, you may opt for the chambered, semi-hollow body, hollow body or solid body type of electric guitar. The hollow body electric guitar is especially ideal for blues and jazz songs.

Check the material.

Whether you pick out an electric guitar or an acoustic guitar, be sure to check its material. The metal or the wood materials should be of high quality. The thing is if the guitar has poor construction, you cannot really expect it to produce quality sounds. What’s worse, it can break easily and will not last long.  When it comes to wood materials, you may select alder, ash, ebony wood, rosewood, mahogany or maple.


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Find out about the size.

For left-handed guitars, there are actually many types of sizes to choose from such as the 12-stret standard, dreadnought, auditorium size, grand concert standard, concert 12-fret, concert size and the ¾ size. Since there are many sizes, you can easily find a guitar that is suitable for your preference. However, if you cannot find a size that you prefer, you can decide on getting a custom-made left-handed guitar so that you can define the exact size that you really want.

Select the neck type.

You must decide on the shape of the left-handed guitar’s neck and the neck connections. There are various shapes such as the V necks, U necks, oval necks and C-shaped necks. For the neck connections, you may choose the neck-through-body type, bolt-on neck type or the set in neck type. You must try to select the type of neck that feels comfortable while you are playing your guitar.

Consider the brand and model.

Another important thing to consider when you are shopping for a quality left-handed guitar is the brand and model. You must read some reliable reviews of left-handed guitar brands on the market so that you will know which brands are highly recommended by professional guitarists. If you have friends who play a left-handed guitar, they can also give you great advice as to which brands you must choose. In addition, you also need to select a model, depending on your style and taste. The model features the design, the quality of the strings and the material.

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Take a look at the price.

Left-handed guitars differ in their prices as well. Although your budget can play a vital role in your choice of guitar, you must not skimp on your guitar if you really want to get a high-quality type of guitar. However, if you are just starting out to play a guitar, you can start with a low budget. It is possible to buy a second-hand guitar or a less expensive new guitar. Just make sure that you do not sacrifice the quality of the guitar over its price so that you do not regret your choice later.

Inquire about the warranty.

You do not want to get ripped off for buying the wrong left-handed guitar. That is why make sure that you get the warranty certificate right after you buy the guitar. Moreover, it is not a good idea to purchase any left-handed guitar at once without checking it for some defects thinking that you have the warranty anyway. The rule of thumb is to thoroughly check the guitar for some scratches, chips, cracks or other defects that you should not see in any new left-handed guitar prior to buying it.

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