Gibson Guitar


Gibson has been ruling the music industry since 90’s. If we talk about the top brands, then Gibson is the first name that comes to our mind. You might we aware about the Epiphone, which is also one of the best guitar brands in the music industry. Epiphone is also owned by Gibson, which describes the power of Gibson in the industry.
A brand becomes popular, if it is able to meet the user expectations. In order to meet the user’s expectation, a brand report card should be up to the mark. Let’s have a look at the report card of this powerful brand.

Top 5 Gibson Guitars

Reviews (11/20)

Gibson guitars are best in features, looks, colour combination and durability, but still has been able to gain a rating of 11/20 in the ‘reviews’ category because of the price factor. All the guitars manufactured by the company are no doubt better than the other brands, but are available at a very high price, which has affected the company’s rating.


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Woods (15/20)

For producing a bright tone, it is necessary that the wood used in the guitar is of top quality. Rosewood, maples are some of the top quality woods and the company prefer to use these in most of its models. Since, the company doesn’t make any compromise with the quality of wood, the customers have also rewarded the company by giving a rating of 15/20 in the ‘wood’ category.

Neck (10/15)

Neck of the guitar plays a vital role in the playing speed. If a low quality neck is being used, then a guitarist will not be able to play as fast as possible because the chances of fret out are high, if he tries to play fast. However, the guitars from this brand allow the guitarists to play at maximum speed because of the use of Gibson original neck.



Body (7/15)

Gibson electric guitar models as well as acoustic guitar models come with a magnificent body. Guitar body affects the whole look of the guitar and the guitars from this brand are quite popular for its unique looks withthe perfect colour combination. Vintage music players might not like the style and looks of the latest guitars from this brand, but the youth will be definitely in love with it because of the colour combination and innovative designs.

Resonator (8/10)

frontPage_brandAcousticGuitar from Gibson can be used to produce different sound waves because of the use of Gibson resonator. Gibson is not only a renowned manufacturer of acoustic and electric guitar, but is also a renowned manufacturer of guitar parts. The company also manufactures superior quality resonator, which has helped the company to receive a rating of 8/10 in this category.

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