Beyond Playing Toys – Play Guitars For Kids!

There are some essential things to understand when it comes to teaching a kid to play guitar, about the differences between children and adults when it comes to learning to play guitar. The two most significant rules are: –

  • It is quite difficult for little ones to start learning guitar and thus do everything you can to make it simpler.
  • It can be dull and frustrating, thus do everything you can, to make it fun.Guitar-for-kid

Help Them Choose the Right Guitar

Guitars come in all sizes and shapes and it could be quite puzzling for someone buying their first guitar. Don’t support spending too much. It’s worth recalling that your little one is almost definitely going to desire to upgrade after a couple of year or so anyway, by the time they will have a better idea of precisely which equipment suits them best, also remember, don’t try to go for a cheap guitar that are difficult to play and impossible to tune for your little one. The single most key criterion is – the comfort. Is the guitar comfortable to hold for your kid? Is it easy to play chords and notes on the guitar? For your little one, it is recommended to buy half and three-quarter size guitars along with steel or nylon strings.

Help Them Tune It

While you don’t usually have to actually teach them to tune their guitars early on, but you should make sure their guitar is well tuned before they start their lesson. For kids, learning to tune a guitar can really be quite tricky. Eventually no doubt, it is useful for them to learn how to tune by ear, however; firstly it is far more essential to make tuning easy. It is recommended to get them a tuning machine that makes the tuning simpler to operate.

Simplify Notes and Chords

Now, after buying and tuning, try to teach them a particular tune, but the riffs or chords can be beyond their present skill level, so it is recommended to try to figure out different methods to simplifying them. Simplification can be done by using a capo, changing key, or just making them learn the fingerings of chords on three strings at the place of five or six.

Try To Determine Whether Your Little One Prefers Playing Single Notes or Chords

Some take to strumming chords first, others prefer melody and riffs. Whatsoever they find enjoyable and easiest let them go with it!

Encourage Singing

Singing along with playing comes naturally to kids and on encouraging this; you’ll find there are numerous benefits to it. Initially, you might want to let their strumming remains very basic thing only, because when they sing while they play, then most of their attention is on singing, but in reality, they will soon sort this themselves out if you show patience.

When Your Child Should Start Guitar Lessons?

This question is often raised, as to when their little one is ready to start taking guitar lessons? The answer to this issue of parents is basically dependent on the child – some kids may be ready to start guitar lessons at age of seven while others may not be prepared till they are eleven or even older. Before your child start the guitar lessons make sure that your kid has sufficient interest in guitar playing. But if the little one is not showing any type of curiosity in the guitar, forcing them into guitar lessons may only serve to grow distaste for somewhat they may have enjoyed otherwise.

Picking a Particular Type Of Guitar For Your Little One

For a child that is just getting started, the guitar is the most versatile and popular instrument. Electric or acoustic guitar are the two basic types that you can choose from for your kid. Both of them as a starter instrument has their merits, it is totally a judgment call.

  • Acoustic Guitars For Kids

For starter acoustic guitars are more affordable. Therefore, for learning this makes them a great option for your kids. You can choose nylon string guitar, which can be helpful for kids to avoid pressing the strings down harder on an acoustic.

  • Electric Guitars For Kids

When compared to acoustics, electric guitars can be somewhat easier to play. Since on an electric guitar the height between the fingerboard and string is lower, therefore it requires a lighter tap to fret notes. On the drawback side, electric guitars are more expensive when compared to acoustics. They also get loud.

  • Picking The Right Size

There are few valuable rules of thumb about general guitar length.

  • 30 inches for ages 4 to 6
  • 34 inches for ages 6 to 9
  • 36 inches for ages 9 to 12
  • Standard size for 12 and above


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